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BYO Skincare Class
BYO Skincare Class
BYO Skincare Class

BYO Skincare Class

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Become a Cosmetic Chemist for a Day!

In this exclusive event you and your friends will go behind the scenes of a luxury cosmetics lab and formulate your own skincare product(s) to take home to your friends and family. Guided by master formulator and owner of O.Y.S.; You will learn how to combine surfactants, organic acids, essences, emollients, preservation systems and how to emulsify all in one day! (Bragging rights included)! 

Choose any product you’d like to learn how to make or build your own from scratch! Handcraft a toner, under eye serum, face mask & more! Follow along and watch your idea come to life as we melt, soak, and formulate!

OYS 3 - hour class sessions include time for  prep, formulation, cooling, and bottling. Our team will provide equipment, packaging and refreshments! 

Group classes available. Each guest must book separately. Available at any date & time. Email us at shoponlyyouskincare.com with your preferred date or once booked we will contact you on your preferred date