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Sandalwood & Vanilla Aromatherapy Body Cleanser

Sandalwood & Vanilla Aromatherapy Body Cleanser

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Botanical Essences of Sandalwood Tree Extract and Vanilla Essential Oil put you in a trance as you lather this thick, silky wash in the steaming hot shower.

This cleanser is packed with powerful active botanicals that deeply cleanse your pores while being gentle on sensitive areas. Sandalwood is the ultimate complexion corrector! Studies have shown that even the toughest of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and even rosacea, Sandalwood can aid in soothing and repairing an even skin tone! This tree wood extract is highly sought out for its aromatic fragrance! Topped with a note of Vanilla Essential Oil, Vanilla is known for its warm, succulent and calming aroma. What most don’t know of, is its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antioxidant rich and healing properties! Studies show, it is a major aid in healing damaged skin.

This is the perfect body cleanser for those who struggle with body acne, oily skin, heavy perspiration or simply wanting a deep cleanse! Enjoy this therapeutic cleanser paired with an aromatherapy body butter in the evening for a good nights sleep.

Also available in Ylang Ylang & Rose, Lavandin, Deep Cleanse and Patchouli & Vanilla.

How To Use:

  • Apply to wet skin
  • Massage into skin

How To Store:

  • Keep sealed in airtight container 


OYS sensitive skin cleansing blend, 100% therapeutic grade vanilla and sandalwood essential oil. 

At Only You Skincare we believe that if you cant eat it, it shouldn't go on your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and everything that it eats goes straight to your bloodstream. So feed it wisely. All of our ingredients are certified organic and food grade.

Our Made With Love Promise:

This product was formulated without UV chemical absorbers, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic dyes.