Our Story

Our Story

“Just the other day you were in the kitchen taking classes on how to make products. Now you’re on Vogue. I can’t believe Only You Skincare is global now!” -My sister Ashley, 19, middle picture.

When my sister said that, I froze with my fingertips on my desk grasping reality. My mental movie screen immediately flashed back to me in the spacious Virginia kitchen. Class streaming on the laptop, gloves on, pen in hand, formulation charts scattered, measuring tools and scales, dark skies outside the window, quiet house, cool 5am air coming through the window as I wait for our 3 year old niece at the time to slowly walk into the kitchen in a few hours for some cereal and to help aunty making “kincare” lol

I’ve always been a visionary and a go-getter, but I never saw Only You Skincare getting this big. I only wanted to make a few bucks during quarantine until things opened back up and I could resume my travel dance job.

In that kitchen moment, with me at the counter standing still looking down with my curls tied up; I remembered the severe frustration I experienced day after day. Formulations not coming out like the instructors, creams separating, too much oil or not enough water base. It took MONTHS sourcing all organic, vegan, and food grade ingredients which made it very difficult to use given formulas. My helpful little 3year old loves to be by my side working in the kitchen so it was vital that only safe, non toxic, and only edible ingredients were laying around. Using non cosmetic ingredients was nearly impossible. The audacity of me to continue this 5am routine each 24 hours. Each deadline I gave myself to get the formula right got pushed back. Formula after formula FAILED and discarded hoursssss of work, studying, research, and standing on my bare brown feet on the hardwood floor. The near insanity of me to perform the same act and expect a different result. I remember being overwhelmed and overworked. Finally, after weeks I … I know you all think you know what I’m going to say but, surprisingly I gave up. The batch of a hopeful facial moisturizer sat in the small beaker for days maybe even a week. Just passing it, looking at it, pissed me off. After some time my over zealousness kicked in and I tried again. The new facial moisturizer batch came out perfect! This was a major breakthrough for me as an entrepreneur and Formulator! I screamed with joy! My sisters and my niece tried it on all week long lol! This is our signature Botanical Facial Moisturizer you all know and love today! With hundreds of units sold! 

Thank you to each of you for supporting our vision!

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